Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Work" a runners necessary EVIL!

Tomorrow 2/28 is the beginning of a tough long shutdown at the oil refinery I work at.  Every few years oil refineries need to shutdown to clean out equipment, replace worn out or old equipment and perform normal maintenance on their equipment.  When these shutdown's occur the Operators like myself end up working a lot of hours to take equipment out of service, clean out equipment, and guide maintenance personal in their work, etc....  

How does an ultrarunner like myself train to compete in the Grand Slam when they are working 70+ hours a week for 2 months?  It is gonna be tough!!!

Here's my plan:

1) Run to/from work 4 days a week (8 miles each way) 64 miles a week
2) Run every Thursday night with my group (6 miles) 70 miles a week
3) Run a 12 hour race in March
4) Run 2-50 mile races in April
5) Run a 100 mile event on the 1st of June
6) Pray that it all comes together for my 1st important race of the year, Western States at the end of June

I know quit complaining and think of all the money you'll make working those long hours.  Well money isn't everything, sure it's nice, but I would rather have the time off to spend with my family and friends and of course to train like a mad man.  I'll keep you posted, hopefully I can stick to my training program.